Teaching Methodology

Is Computing boring, "dry" or difficult to you?

These are common issues faced by many students who get overwhelmed by deep technical concepts when they start their first few Computing or programming lessons, gradually losing interest in the subject and resulting in less-than-ideal results.

Learning with Ms Tay is different! By employing effective and unique methods, she ensures that all her students ace their exams while catching on her passion for Computing!

Every one has a chance to excel in Computing and experience the magic behind the technology powering the present and the future.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Arthur C. Clarke

Here's how Ms Tay does it:


Ms Tay conducts an extensive pre-tuition diagnostics session with each new student, to identify major areas of concern and to tailor her lessons to suit the student’s interests and needs.

Coding & Computational Thinking Fundamentals

Throughout her years of teaching, Ms Tay has developed a systematic teaching approach that enables students to build up strong basic foundations in coding and Computational Thinking in an engaging way, without being bogged down by complex terms and topics. She ensures that students grasps the most important building blocks of programming, before moving on to higher level algorithms and data structures with ease.

Personalised Learning

No two student is the same to Ms Tay. She tailors her teaching to fit each student's learning needs and passion. You get to direct your own learning path, and Ms Tay supports you at every step of the journey, providing you with the right amount of help and guiding you to the right resources.


What's next after Computing? Many students desire to know more about their options after graduation, and what an education in Computing can bring them. Ms Tay has mentored with Geek Girl Meetup Singapore and volunteered with Girls in Tech Singapore, on top of being a regular mentor to all her students. Beyond academic help, Ms Tay provides free mentorship to all her students in areas such as university and career options, sharing her knowledge based her wide range of experience.

Real-Life Applications

Being an active member of the tech industry and start-up community in Singapore, Ms Tay taps into her network to get her best students exclusive and exciting opportunities to experience the real-life tech industry. Past students have obtained short internships and part-time gigs as web developers, app developers, and even teaching assistants for children coding classes!

Get in Touch

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