Frequently Asked Questions

Tuition for GCE 'O' Levels (7155) and 'A' Levels (H2 9569) Computing

Students will be allocated to a class with students of similar abilities or same schools where possible.

A pre-planned topical schedule will be released for each class, but all students will be given equal opportunities to ask questions and request for specific topics each week.

Individual consultation time will be made available for each student during exam seasons to tackle specific problems.

Ms Tay has very limited private 1-1 tuition slots at the moment. She will only open up limited slots for private tuition after small group tuitions have been confirmed, and will prioritise weaker students who need intensive help.

To ensure fair allocation of time slots, all private 1-1 sessions are capped at 1.5 hours per session.

Students are encouraged to join one of the small group tuition classes, as there is usually more than one solution to each problem, and through discussions in a small group setting with classmates of similar abilities, students will be able to obtain insights from multiple angles and benefit from a more all-rounded learning experience.

Ms Tay selectively releases past year exam questions to her students based on their abilities and pace. Schools will usually release past year papers nearer to exam seasons as well.

Ms Tay also has a private compilation of useful notes for H2 Computing students, accessible via a members-only website.

Past year papers and notes are not available for standalone sale to individuals who are not enrolled in Ms Tay's classes. These resources are only exclusively available as part of Ms Tay's tuition classes.

Project / module consultation for Polytechnic & University students

As Polytechnic and University are tertiary-level education, students are highly encouraged to take charge of their own learning. Hence, our tertiary-level help is given in the form of consultations and not regular, weekly tuition service. Students have to come prepared with their own questions to ask, and additional related practice questions will only be given where necessary and applicable.

We do not encourage students to sign up for more than 6 hours of consultations at a time, to avoid over-reliance. Students will be guided to be self-directed in their learning by being taught how to effectively read up and understand external resources on their own.

It is our hope that students will find our help useful not just in their current studies, but also in their own self-learning journey in the future.

Students will be taught the skills and knowledge they need to complete their project, and will be guided on how to do the project. However, students will have to complete the project on their own, and it will not be a project outsource service.

Ultimately, we aim to equip students with the right skills and mindset to the tackle future projects on their own, in order to prepare them for the industry.

No, we only offer $30 off per 6 hours of consultation as an offer to students who may need more help.

There is no further discount given. This is to actively discourage students from being over-reliant on external help at tertiary levels.

By limiting consultation time, we aim to be efficient and effective in our sessions and only charge you for what you need, and we will not deliberately prolong sessions beyond what is necessary.

Introductory Programming for everyone else

Ms Tay has a fixed introductory curriculum for Python programming and Front-End Web Development.

However, students are allowed to request for customisation of syllabus based on their needs, and Ms Tay will review and accommodate to the requests on a case-by-case basis.

As these classes are conducted privately (unless otherwise arranged), it will be possible to tailor the pace and content of the lessons to students' abilities and needs.

There is no fixed answer, as it depends on your background and learning abilities.

However, a suggested duration would be 12 hours (split into multiple sessions) for a thorough coaching of the basic foundations, for individuals with zero prior programming background. This is however subjected to individual differences and may be shorter or longer.

Get in Touch

Have any questions or wish to sign up? Do get in touch via the form below or by email. Ms Tay has very limited time slots available so do sign up fast to secure your preferred slots!